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Online Medical Marijuana University

Have you ever thought what the benefits of attending an online medical marijuana university are? These days, more and more people are looking to get enrolled in online courses due to some simple reasons. The first one is that online courses are far…


Text of Medical Marijuana Regulation Safety Act (three parts):     AB 266 (Bonta/Cooley/Jones-Sawyer/Lackey)      AB 243 (Wood)     SB 643 (McGuire)September 14, 2015 – The new Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act consists of three s…

California Governor, sign the medical marijuana bills into law

Nearly 20 years after voters legalized medical marijuana, California lawmakers have finally passed legislation to regulate the growth and distribution of cannabis for patients’ use. In the final hours of their session last week, legislators passed th…

California dispensary academy

There are a number of medical marijuana dispensary academies that have been established in California with one mission and that is to educate people about the health benefits of marijuana and help them start their own marijuana businesses, these so…

Medical Weed | 420 College – Quality Cannabis Business Training | since 2009

Medical weed seminar The steps involved in setting up a medical weed business are quite complicated and it is true that you will need help from experts if you want to be successful in this field.  One of the best ways to get in touch with …

New York Cannabis Institute Medical Weed Seminar

Medical Weed Seminar

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