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Dispensary business permits

The legalization of medical marijuana in over 30 states in the country has created ample opportunities for businesses and people who are looking to become a part of a lucrative industry.  Dispensary business permits can be obtained by those individuals who want to start their own legal marijuana operations.  But there is a procedure that … Continue reading

Dispensary institute

Looking to seek marijuana education? If you are serious about getting a job in this industry, then you must understand the importance of education. Gone are the days when people could get into the industry with just their black market experience. Today, education is an important factor that is looked at when determining who is … Continue reading

Dispensary accounting

Keeping cash in mind when running a dispensary business is very risky.  It makes you susceptible to robberies and thefts.  You may also have to face ugly audits as a result of keeping huge amounts of money in hand.  Remember, financial institutions and banks don’t allow marijuana businesses to have an account with them.  Although … Continue reading

California dispensary academy

There are a number of medical marijuana dispensary academies that have been established in California with one mission and that is to educate people about the health benefits of marijuana and help them start their own marijuana businesses, these so…

How to start a Dispensary | 420 College – Quality Cannabis Business Training

How to start a Dispensary  How to start a Dispensary? The legalization of marijuana has opened up opportunities for a number of entrepreneurs and individuals to start their own dispensaries.  But, the process is not as simple as it appears to be on the …

How To Start A Dispensary Business Workshop in Oregon

We will be teaching the newly passed recreational regulations as well as the medicinal regulations. Sat 11/22 & Sun 11/23, 2014 – 10am-4:20pm both days. If you would like to start a Dispensary in Oregon or a grow operation, this seminar is for you. Our attorneys, accountant and industry professionals will help guide you in … Continue reading

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