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Cannabis dispensary accounting

The federal government has put al lot of restrictions on how cannabis businesses must operate. Although they have no problem with the banks that work with cannabis businesses, there are many financial institutions that don’t allow cannabis businesses to set up an account with them.  Until the federal government lifts the ban on cannabis, banks will … Continue reading

Marijuana Business License

If you have a business that deals with the processing, production and sale of recreational or medical marijuana, you must have a marijuana business license. A marijuana permit is an approval on your business license issued by the Marijuana Enforcement Divisions of Revenue business license services. Medical marijuana business license revised codes show that locations … Continue reading

420 College online video courses Reviews | My Review Reporter

420 College online video courses Reviews | My Review Reporter. I just moved to CA and I was looking to establish a business of marijuana though I was not too sure where I can get some sort of help or assistance in starting it. I initially thought about hiring an attorney for this purpose though the … Continue reading

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