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Cannabis college

Today, the number of colleges that offer cannabis education is vast.  The courses that you can take up at a cannabis college can help you become knowledgeable in the field.  Since the courses are comprehensive and detailed, they can teach you a lot about getting started and finding success.  When you take up these courses, … Continue reading

California college for marijuana

If you want to attend a California college for marijuana, you must take into account several factors that will help you make the right choice. Finding out about the experience of the teachers and trainers is very important. They should have at least some years of experience in teaching or working in the industry. The … Continue reading

California university for marijuana

Are you looking to obtain marijuana certification? If yes, there is no better way than attending a California university for marijuana.  There are many courses on offer which you can benefit from.  These courses will ensure that you learn all about the marijuana industry before you actually become a part of it.   The best part is … Continue reading

Two votes show bipartisan support for cannabis businesses to access banking services

WASHINGTON, DC – The House of Representatives cast two votes today in support of opening up banking services to state-legal marijuana businesses. By a vote of 231-192, the House passed an amendment to the Financial Services appropriations bill, forbidding the use of federal funds to penalize financial institutions that serve marijuana businesses operating legally under … Continue reading

SocialVents – Dispensary Seminar for Los Angeles

SocialVents – Dispensary Seminar for Los Angeles. Starting a business in the cannabis industry. The top attorney William McPike and industry professionals are going to be hosting a seminar on starting and operating a cannabis “dispensary” in Los Angeles. If you would like to start a Marijuana Dispensary, Non-Profit Collective, Marijuana Delivery Service, Marijuana … Continue reading

Marijuana College

At Marijuana College you may learn everything that you want to know about compliance and legality that it pertains to the industry specifically. Marijuana College give the multiple marijuana classes for everybody who is looking to get in the field of medical marijuana industry. Marijuana College is actually very pleased to make available numerous cannabis … Continue reading

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