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Online Cannabis College

If you are looking to seek education on cannabis, there are many options you have.  First of all, you can take up traditional schooling and secondly you can attend an online cannabis college.  You may have seen that there are numerous schools that offer education on cannabis and you can get enrolled in these schools … Continue reading

Cannabis expo

Are you looking to build a career in the cannabis industry?  Attending a cannabis expo can really help you achieve your dream.  If you look online, you will see that many people today are looking to become a part of the industry.  But the fact is that the process is not easy.  Although there are … Continue reading

Dispensary law firm

Before you get into the medical marijuana business, it is essential to become familiar with the medical marijuana laws.  From the time marijuana has been legalized, the laws in all the different states where it is legal have undergone a significant change.  The changing laws have placed huge restrictions on marijuana businesses and for marijuana … Continue reading

Dispensary accounting

Keeping cash in mind when running a dispensary business is very risky.  It makes you susceptible to robberies and thefts.  You may also have to face ugly audits as a result of keeping huge amounts of money in hand.  Remember, financial institutions and banks don’t allow marijuana businesses to have an account with them.  Although … Continue reading

Accounting for marijuana collectives

California was the first state to legalize the use of marijuana in 1996. From that time more and more states have taken the initiative to make this drug legal. Although the federal law doesn’t see marijuana as legal, it is possible to set up marijuana collective if you are able to obtain the necessary licenses … Continue reading

Los Angeles marijuana ordinance

Thinking of operating a medical marijuana business in Los Angeles? It can be quite challenging to understand what is permissible and what is not under the Los Angeles marijuana ordinance. It is not wrong to say that the marijuana laws in Los Angeles are quite complicated. When it comes to growing marijuana, the state does … Continue reading

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