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Step-by-step Method to Legally Grow Cannabis in California

California is known all around the world as being a big center for legal medical marijuana. From its many activists to pro laws, it’s a good place to legally grow. Although there are a few challenges to growing your own cannabis it’s becoming easier and easier in California. To legally grow you must have a … Continue reading

Medical Marijuana News

Medical marijuana news is of great importance to patients suffering from diseases that require marijuana related help. So here in 420 College we are providing such news that will be helpful for these patients and their families. As of now, 17 countries have decided to legalize the use of weed for healthcare requirements, if recommended … Continue reading

What is a Collective for Marijuana

Does anybody have idea about what is a collective for marijuana? Most of the people have no knowledge on what is a collective for medical marijuana. On the basis of dictionary, collective means mot description on the Health and Protection value. But basically, collective is a list of like oriented people who join together for … Continue reading

How Do You Open Your Own Marijuana Dispensary

At 420 College one of the most frequent questions is: how do you open your own marijuana dispensary? Opening your own clinic has a lot of hoops you have to jump through but can be done fairly easy with a little bit of effort. First step is making sure that you can legally open a … Continue reading

How much does it cost to start a marijuana dispensary

How much does it cost to start a marijuana dispensary. Marijuana Dispensary is not a common business that you can start with just a minimum amount of capital and time. But at first you have to how much does it cost to start a marijuana dispensary. Just like any other ordinary businesses, you need to … Continue reading

420 College | Los Angeles, CA 90028 | Angies List

420 College | Los Angeles, CA 90028 | Angies List.

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