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Cannabis college

Today, the number of colleges that offer cannabis education is vast.  The courses that you can take up at a cannabis college can help you become knowledgeable in the field.  Since the courses are comprehensive and detailed, they can teach you a lot about getting started and finding success.  When you take up these courses, … Continue reading

Accounting for marijuana collectives

To find success in the marijuana industry, it is essential to develop a good working relationship with an accountant.  You may not realize at first but accounting for marijuana collectives is crucial.  As a marijuana business owner, you know how difficult it is to obtain banking services.  These days, many financial institutions don’t prefer working … Continue reading

Cannabis business law

Keeping up to date with the changing cannabis business law can be really tough.  As a cannabis business owner, you have many things to take care of other than the laws.  But complying with the laws is as important as yielding profits for your business because if there is a breach of law, then you … Continue reading

Accounting for marijuana collectives

California was the first state to legalize the use of marijuana in 1996. From that time more and more states have taken the initiative to make this drug legal. Although the federal law doesn’t see marijuana as legal, it is possible to set up marijuana collective if you are able to obtain the necessary licenses … Continue reading

Marijuana business accounting

Looking for an accountant for your medical marijuana business needs? This is perhaps the best decision you have made. When operating a business that has extremely stringent rules and regulations, it is important to seek help from professionals and experts. While you need a lawyer to stand by your side and protect you against all … Continue reading

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