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Accounting for marijuana collectives

California was the first state to legalize the use of marijuana in 1996. From that time more and more states have taken the initiative to make this drug legal. Although the federal law doesn’t see marijuana as legal, it is possible to set up marijuana collective if you are able to obtain the necessary licenses … Continue reading

How to Open a Medical Cannabis Dispensary in California

If someone is researching how to open a medical cannabis dispensary in California, you need to understand fully the particular legal guidelines governing medicinal marijuana; within California for instance, Prop 215, Senate Bill 420, the particular Attorney General Guidelines for Non-Diversion involving cannabis patient’s ability to collectively cultivate their cannabis. There will also be local … Continue reading

How to Open a Cannabis Delivery

When researching on how to open a cannabis delivery service business also research on the prices of medical cannabis available in the market or in your local area. Basically, the prices of cannabis vary widely from provider to provider, the quality of the marijuana and even for the comparable samples of marijuana. It is possible … Continue reading

Marijuana Business License

If you have a business that deals with the processing, production and sale of recreational or medical marijuana, you must have a marijuana business license. A marijuana permit is an approval on your business license issued by the Marijuana Enforcement Divisions of Revenue business license services. Medical marijuana business license revised codes show that locations … Continue reading

Cannabis as Pain Relief

Millions and millions of people in the US are suffering from chronic pain and they just bear this condition since some of the drugs that are in the market are not as effective as Cannabis. The kind of pain they are experiencing cannot just be relieved by any ordinary drug. More patients are desperate in … Continue reading

How to open a marijuana dispensary

The state of California has undertaken measure in order to legalize medicinal marijuana for treatment of special cases. Many individuals are interested in getting started in the marijuana business and would like to know how to open a marijuana dispensary.  The legal framework has been outlined in proposition 215 and 420 College has a number … Continue reading

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